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The cane for Kiki from The Therapist

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I really thought that after the spanking and paddling that I gave to young Kiki she would not want to come back for any more treatement from this therapist, but I was wrong. Not only did she make a return visit but she dressed up in her best dress and even tried to seduce me! What a waste of time, my only interest with this young lady is getting those clothes off and giving her a damn good thrashing.

That’s just what I did, the dress came off and she was ordered to bend over and present her still red and marked bottom for me to beat. I chose my heavy and well used cane and then positioned her bottom so that I could get the maximum swing. What a whacking I gave her, I have to say though that she did take every stroke and ended up with a well striped bottom and a few tears in her eyes.
When I give a caning it is for real, no messing with this lovely lady. spr-973 Buy this film here
Kiki caned by Sarah

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