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Kiki spanked by the therapist

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Another story from “The Hidden Camera Files” series and this finds the beautiful Kiki at my mercy. As you know, I love to get a good spanking but I also love to dish one out. Kiki is not a spanking model, she is in fact a very well known glamour girl and all round lovely person but on this occasion she had been very naughty and was sentenced to see me for some corrective treatment.

You can guess the type of treatment I can dish out and let me tell you, once over my knee being spanked as hard as I spanked Kiki, you do not want to come back for more.  But I was not going to leave it at that, no she was in for a long and very hard session with my leather paddle, I laid into her bottom and I can tell you she did not like it one bit. Her tiny little bottom was soon turned bright red and she would not be sitting on that for a few days without feeling the pain of that spanking. spr-972 Buy full film here
Kiki spanked by the therapist

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